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Payroll Terminology

Payroll Terms
3rd Party Interface Uses a 3rd Party/Outside Vendor to create an interface for integration of Payroll, Time, HR, or other data.
Benefit Accruals***** Feature that calculates and accumulates benefit hours, based on your plicies. A Benefit Accrual is an employee benefit, usually accrued based on length of service, including Vacation, Sick Leave, Personal Leave, or Paid Time Off.
*****A Benefit Accrual becomes COMPLEX when it needs to reset on an anniversary date, needs to be customized, is an accrual other than sick, vacation, personal, needs to track unexcused absences.*****
Certified Payroll Report certifying that payroll records and those of its subcontractors accurately reflect the hours worked, rate of pay and classification of work performed. (For contractors that perform work under contracts that are funded in whole or in part with federal and/or state funds).
Check Signing & Check Stuffing Laser sign an authorized image onto the signature line of the payroll checks and then fold, seal and insert into windowed envelopes for distribution.
Custom Report Writer Tool to create customized reports with a report setup wizard which quides you through a step by step process to create your custom report. Offers wide choice of sorting criteria, totaling and formatting options, plus the ability to create rebust derived fields.
Employee or Manager Self Service Employee Self Service Tools includes Benefit enrollment and changes, Life Event changes, W2, Direct Deposit Setup, 401k Management, etc. Manager Self Service includes performance reviews, approval of employee vacation requests, and dissemination of vital information.
General Ledger Interface Connect your payroll and general ledger by using an import-ready format that can be imported into your general ledger.
Job Cost Report that identifies cost per job or project.
Labor Distribution Report that identifies earnings per EE per Department.
Labor Law Posters High Quality Laminated Labor Law Posters (Federal & State) and enrollement into Labor Law Poster Compliance Update Service.
Split Wrap Multiple packages of Payroll or Management reports.
SUI Management Complete management of your State Unemployment Insurance, including reviewing your account for erroneous charges and auditing your SUI experience rate(s) to make sure it is appropriate.
Teledata Input Payroll hours and changes can be taken over the phone from Teledata department.
Wage Garnishment Payment Services Manage all aspects of your wage garnishment processing. Choose from 11 garnishment types (bankruptcy, child support, creditor, federal agency, federal student loan, federal tax levies, medical support, private support, state/local tax levy, state student loan, wage assignment).
Multi-Jurisdiction Tax service & reporting for employees who work in multiple jurisdictions in a single pay period. Examle: Employee A works in NY, NJ and CT in the same pay period.
Human Resources (HR) Services
HR Library or Dictionary Hundreds of must-know HR terms, definitions, and abbreviations to clarify your HR tasks.
State/Fed Resources Access to key governments forms and documents
HR Checkups Comparison of current HR practices to standard best-practices.
Qtrly HR Newsletter Comprehensive articles focused on compliance requirements and getting the most out of your workforce.
HR Tips Practical how-to articles that provide best-practice information to help you complete your everyday employee management tasks.
HR HelpDesk Direct phone & email access to a team of certified HR professionals.
HR Toolkits Best practice guide, ready to use essential HR forms and documents, and related employment policies.
State/Fed Compliance Database & Updates Online access to timely information about ever-changing state and federal employment laws with plain English summaries of major regulations. Proactive e-mail alerts when employment laws change.
Audit & Compliance Wizard Intuitive wizard to proactively evaluate your company's HR practices
Quick HR Answers Comprehensive database of commonly asked HR questions with on-demand best practice answers.
Instant Pre-Screens Pre-screen applicants to identify where to run in-depth background checks.
Employee Handbook Wizard Easy-to-use tool that helps you create a comprehensive, professional quality employee handbook based on federal employment law.
Job Description Wizard Create customized job descriptions based on an extensive database.
Advanced HR Toolkits Step by step guidance to help you complete and document advanced HR tasks including everything from OHSA to FLSA
HR Forms & Documents Central library of thousands of best practice documents, checklists, forms, job descriptions and policies
HR & Benefits Admin w/ Carrier Connection Advanced HR Administration, Advanced Self Service Configuration, Advanced Manager Self Service Reporting, Advanced Time Off Management, HR Library, Custom Report Writer. Standard Carrier Connection (Medical/Dental/Vision/Life Insurance)
HR Recruitment Module HR and/or Managers can create branded job postings, search the applicant pool, update status and communicate with candidates throughout the process.
Performance Mgmt Module HR and/or Managers can schedule and perform reviews which can include competencies, weighted and non-weighted questions. Employees can create self assessments and be asked to acknowledge reviews via Self Service. Goals can also be reviewed during the process.
# of HR Participants # of Employees that participate in your HR Service
Additional Services
Time & Attendance, Timesheet Software Application to accurately tracking time and attendance of employees.
Hosting Services for Time & Attendance Integrated solution for time and attendance, advanced employee scheduling, absence management, activity tracking and advanced labor analysis and reporting. ADP hosts the application for you.
# of Time Clocks Devices used to collect employee's hours worked.
Purchased or Leased Time Clocks Does the client own the clock or pay a monthly subscription?
Premium Payment Program for Worker's Compensation or Pay by Pay Service Premium Payment Program to manage Worker's Compensation premiums. Premium payments are based on actual, not estimated, payroll data and rates set by the insurance carrier. Premiums are paid on a monthly basis, eliminating the need for a large up-front deposit.